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Elen's boutique is a clothing store situated in the Chora of Mykonos. The design of this particular project relies on the creation of a space that will properly display the merchandise and also provide optimal storage.

The cabinets are on the perimeter of the store and the counter - cashier is in direct contact with the entrance. Furthermore, the design of a special showcase - wall that resembles the familiar lines that appear on the cycladic dove cotes, is located in the front of the entrance, giving to this place a unique character. In the middle of the boutique, a table is located that apart from its use as an exhibition furniture, it also stands as a unique sculpture made of rock and metal.  

As long as the materials  are concerned, the floor is a vinyl of wood texture, the cabinets and some of the walls have been made of stone tiles. Metal and wood are also part of the design.


Clothing store renovation proposal





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