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Located in the picturesque alleys of Chora, on the island of Mykonos, Mantolino, as it is called, a super tiny shop of just 20 sq.m., with souvenirs and gifts from Greece, was a very challenging project. The main idea was based on the re-design of this place in a way that would feel more fresh, vibrant and spacious, despite its size, but it would also reflect its locality· the island’s identity.

Therefore, some typical elements of Cycladic traditional architecture were chosen, in order to emphasise and enrich the concept. “Kamara”, the Greek word that defines the arch, that is often seen in local architecture and the dominant colour combination of white and blue, are the most representative examples of those elements, that appear in the shop. Large stone textured tiles, resemble the cobblestone paved streets, giving the feeling of the outdoor-space inside the store. However, the aim was to keep the design basic and simple, so that it would support and highlight the products.


Gift Shop Renovation


Chora, Mykonos




Pinelopi Zoura

{ΜΕΤ STUDIO architects}

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