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This project is about the renovation of an old, 33 sq. m. ground floor apartment, located in Athens, Greece.


The concept of this apartment was fairly simple, in order to create a sense of ease and efficiency at its tenants· a young couple and their needs. Within this basic parameter and the limitations of 33 sq. m, but also the lack of natural lighting, all the functions of the apartment,(kitchen, bedroom, living room), were set in one open space, but with the right zoning.


For this purpose, a raised platform, defined by a wall with a large window on top to permit the light, was built for the bedroom area and the bathroom, as a more private zone. A custom made sink and a cabinet for the washing machine are open to the bedroom, as the main bathroom (toilet, shower) is separated by a glass door. The table that sits between the kitchen and bedroom, next to a large window, functions as a dining table and desk, all in one, with a bench that has storage space underneath. The round window on this side, as a more playful detail, makes the bathroom brighter.

On the other hand, a large living room was created, making this apartment as much cosier and pleasant as it could be.


Apartment renovation


Galatsi, Athens



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