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STAIRS is an all-day café-bar situated in the Chora of Mykonos island. Because of its small size, the aim of this project focused on creating an effective design that certainly encompasses layout and space optimization, both for customers and working staff.


The main idea of the project concentrates on the wide bar counter that its dual role is to adjust movement in and around the bar and also its position, is the first image that anyone could get from outdoors. Furthermore, storage capacity has been largely improved with the addition of several cabinets around the bar. 

The materials that have been used, approach the Cycladic architecture and philosophy, including wood, terazzo tiles, and cane details on the shelves and the custom made ceiling lights. This combination, highlights even more the green element that appears into the lighted “window”, as it provides a contemporary, artistic and indulgent atmosphere. 








Alina Lefa

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